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We are proud to work in partnership with some of the biggest brands in Australia - we'd love you to join them!

What our customers say:

I have been working with Bedford for over three years. In this time, we have tackled many projects together and always came out in a stronger position. Some great key account management really makes the projects easier. The whole team at Bedford gets around our needs and works with us instead of working for us. The size of Bedford and its network can also be an asset with many new ideas coming from previous experience. The team not only manage to work on new business, but meet the day-to-day requirements with ease. A real pleasure to work with and a great relationship.
Senior Product Manager, Toro
Bedford has a professional team of supervisors who use strict quality control measures, enabling us to obtain outstanding results at realistic commercial rates. At the same time, our partnership is enabling additional opportunities for people with disabilities to be actively involved in production of goods and services. There is nothing quite like seeing the joy and genuine happiness in their workplace.
Coco Corporation