Wine & Beverages

Bedford has extensively developed our people, infastructure and resources to support the wine and beverage industry and supply chains.

The methods we use are environmentally friendly and cause no harm to the bottle or wine inside.

Many imported wines and spirits need specific domestic market labels applied before they can be distributed and sold. Bedford can complete this work legally in one of our four tax bonded locations across Australia before the import process has been fully finalised.

We can store your wine after we work on it or hold it after vintage until you are ready for it to be labelled and distributed.


We can offer:

  • Bond facilities
  • Precise labelling and de-labelling
  • Over labelling
  • Medal application
  • Neck tagging
  • Hooding
  • Clean skin precision labelling
  • Gift and promotional packing
  • Cluster/multi packs
  • Mandatory labelling
  • Wooden wine boxes
  • National capability
  • Container unloading